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Pos Pwr Super Silica Liquid 4 oz
Super SIlica and its amazing benefits, from reduction in pain and inflammation to higher energy to improved memory and concentration.
Silica is a trace mineral that used to be readily available in our food supply, but today silica is removed from foods by processing, and even fresh foods are grown in soil that is depleted and has less silica available. 
Suggested Use: Shake before use.  Adults take fifteen (15) drops in 16 oz or more of distilled or purified water or juice.  Take 1 to 2 times daily or after physical acivity.

Super Silica™ is a blend of pure ionic silica and Cell Power®. This combination provides the highest silica absorption available – up to 20 times more than silica from horsetail! It helps you feel more alive because it measures high in balancing energy. Super Silica™ contains all seven elements that must be present for any life form to survive: oxygen, silicon, hydrogen, calcium, nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur.
Silica has 5 primary functions in the body:

Provides structure
Promotes flexibility
Conducts energy transfers
Facilitates communication between cells
Chelates metals and removes chemical toxins.




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