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Taheebo Pure Pau D’Arco loose tea 1 lb organic and caffeine-free
Our mission is simple and singular – we only provide the best pure pau d’arco taheebo in the world. Our pure pau d’arco taheebo comes from mature tabebuia avellanedae trees, 40 years old or more, from the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The outer bark of the taheebo tree is hand stripped in order to harvest the inner bark, which is the only part we use in our tea. The outer bark grows back leaving the taheebo tree in a complete state of health and ready to harvest again. This wild-harvest method yields the greatest combination of active ingredients in their original form – all without cutting down the trees.
Nothing but pure pau d’arco taheebo to brew taheebo tea!
Taheebo Tea Club Recipe, To make taheebo tea from pure pau d’arco taheebo bark:
Bring a pot of water to a boil. To boiling water add 10 heaping tablespoons of bark per 20 cups of water. Boil bark for 5 minutes, reduce heat and simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Use stainless steel, porcelain, or glass pot. Do not use aluminum or plastic. For health maintenance consume 2 or more cups daily. For help with ailments drink 8 or more cups daily. Most people are amazed at how good the tea tastes with no after taste or side effects and drink it straight without adding anything to it. Taheebo tea by itself has a slightly sweet taste. You can add anything you wish to the tea, and, because the tea has such a mild flavor, you’ll immediately change the taste. However, if you’re fighting a life-threatening disease such as diabetes or cancer, you wouldn’t want to add something like sugar that would feed the disease.
The tea has a mild pleasant flavor, but a three-year-old, for example, has not yet acquired a taste for any kind of tea, regardless of how good it tastes. In these cases, parents routinely cook the tea with crushed blueberries or other fruit, and it tastes just like the fruit. Once you cook a batch, the tea will last for 4 days without refrigeration or 8 days with refrigeration. You can drink it hot, warm, room temperature, cold or iced. Because of an infant’s nutritional needs, the tea is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or children under the age of three.
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