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Superoxide Dismutase

  • Solaray S.O.D 2000+ Enteric Coated 100caps

    Solaray S.O.D 2000+ Enteric Coated 100caps $18.99 $13.29

    SOD 2000 plus   Superoxide Dismutase 2000 Plus formula With antioxidant support base SOD 2000 Plus from Solaray is an advanced dietary supplement containing Superoxide Dismutase as well as...

  • Soy is a nutritional powerhouse and a medicinal wonder. It offers such a synergy of health benefits that it is now classified as one of the world's great 'Super foods'.
Soy Guard™ is a superior food supplement with noticeable health benefits. The soy sprouts are dehydrated at a low temperature, ground into powder and encapsulated. The result is a concentrated live Soy supplement that retains the sprouts precious phyto-chemicals, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Soy Guard™ effectively lowers your risks of disease and chronic degenerative conditions, while enhancing personal health and increasing vitality and longevity. 

"The most notable property of Isoflavones is their reported ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Because of this, soy, which is rich in the Isoflavones, Genistein and Daidzein, has become more popular than ever". The Super Isoflavones . Energy Times Magazine February 1997

    Soy Guard 500 mg 170 cap $39.95 $31.96

    DIRECTIONS FOR TAKING SOY GUARD  Suggested Dosage: We recommend starting with 3 capsules twice daily. TAKE WITH WATER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH AT LEAST ONE HALF HOUR BEFORE BREAKFAST. After a favorable response is achieved,...

  • Greater Stamina and
Faster Recovery
Rigorous exercise like running or jogging triggers a complex series of physiological processes that can do serious damage to healthy cells and tissues. Charging ahead with more exercise while letting these processes go unchecked can have serious consequences for health and fitness. Damaging free radicals are caused by strenuous exercise in addition to other emotional, chemical and physical stresses and the dietary deficiencies of today's world.

With the live enzyme nutrition of Runner's Edge™, you can maximize the benefits of your exercise program while minimizing the damage from Free Radicals. Runner's Edge™ safe at any level and can be taken everyday.

Research has shown that in addition to being a great nutritional source of antioxidants themselves, these live enzyme foods from Biotec actually enhance the body's own production of antioxidant enzymes. Both processes boost the athlete's ability to get the most from a vigorous workout without endangering cellular health.

    Runner's Edge $38.95 $31.16

      RUNNING USES EXTRA OXYGEN? Top of Page To do their work, muscles need oxygen. Strenuous activity like running can increase the muscles' need for oxygen to as much as 20 times higher than when the body...

  • Jet Lag & Biological Clock Disturbance
In a recent survey of 784 jet travelers, a whopping 94% reported suffering from jet lag! Symptoms of fatigue, sleep disturbance, slowed reflexes, irritability and upset digestion result from biological clock disturbances and from the environmental hazards listed Below.

Fortunately, our cells are equipped with protective mechanisms to reset our body clock and to ward off the excess free radicals generated by radiation and other environmental hazards. The ability to do this depends on maintaining optimum cellular health.

Jet Stress™ maintains cellular energy and vitality by flushing free radicals from the system. This defense against the physical insults of jet travel enables optimum enjoyment of the travel experience. By nourishing your cells with the special antioxidant enzyme nutrition found in Jet Stress™ with IsoSproutPlex™ you will take a big step toward maintaining cell vitality and energy while traveling.

    Bio Tec Jet Stress 60 tab-**PRE-ORDER** $7.95 $5.57

    Bio Tec Jet Stress 60 tab-**PRE-ORDER** Each cell produces defenders against 'Free Radicals' called antioxidant enzymes. This natural antioxidant enzyme production can be enhanced with the right nutritional elements...

  • Advanced Antioxidant Enzymes
Free radicals are unstable molecules which steal electrons from other molecules and disrupt healthy cell function. During this disruptive process, they create new free radicals and initiate chain reactions of cell damage.

Some free radicals are formed as a by-product of our normal cellular metabolism. Others are used by our white blood cells to destroy dangerous substances in a very selective manner. Recognizing the potential danger of uncontrolled free radicals, nature has armed our immune system with the powerful built-in protection of ANTIOXIDANT ENZYMES. These enzymes maintain cellular balance by stopping free radical chain reactions before they are out of control.

Cell Guard™ provides the most potent and comprehensive antioxidant enzyme nutrition available.

    Cell Guard 80 tab $21.95 $17.56

    AGING AND FREE RADICAL PATHOLOGY?   As we age, or whenever our cells cannot receive adequate nutrients, our natural body production of antioxidant enzymes decreases. When too many free radicals overwhelm a...