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Liquid Emu Gold® for Your Healthy Life At the heart of every Emu Gold® product is a gift from nature discovered thousands of years ago by the Australian Aborigines. Cherished for its health-giving properties, emu oil played a vital role in Aboriginal culture. At Emu Gold®, our mission is to share with you the amazing benefits of emu oil for skin and hair. In addition to providing “gold standard” AEA certified emu oil we infuse our liquid gold into natural personal care formulations.

 Efficacy or Filtered is NOT Refined

Emu Gold® oil is treated with natural clays under low absolute pressure and high temperatures in order to maximize finished oil quality and yield. Impurities, pigments, and bacteria are absorbed onto these clays and then removed through filtration. No harsh chemicals are used. The process is all-natural and environmentally safe, and perfected through over 18 years of exhaustive research and lab testing. The basic technology has been widely used in food processing for years, but has never before been used for emu oil.  

We follow and surpass all FDA recommended best practices for food products and all of our emu oil carries the American Emu Association.

Refining does not reduce effectiveness according to studies and case histories, which suggest ultra refined oil is actually more effective. By removing naturally occurring “blockages” to absorption including proteins, metals and polymers, the ultra emu oil is less inhibited in its journey into the body. This unique process may make it more active in the body, and it also ensures that it is non-comedogenic. 

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