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Bio Corp's Anti Aging Product

In 1991, Bio Corp was the first company to introduce an effective all natural product to elevate growth hormone (HGH) in humans based on natural amino acids found in nature. This product was the leading GH product when it was introduced in 1991 and still remains the gold standard of GH products today with a long history of safe and effective use and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Since the introduction of the Youth Formula I product sales have done extremely well because of the high degree of customer satisfaction based on the actual results experienced by users. Since its introduction physicians and health care professionals have prescribed Youth Formula I to their patients and documented by observation and clinical analysis the various physical improvements the product produces and its effect in elevating growth hormone levels in humans naturally. This product supplies the body's pituitary glad with the necessary nutrients to elevate the release of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is critical to maintaining health and youthfulness. There is substantial scientific evidence documenting the beneficial health effects of maintaining proper levels of growth hormone.

Clinical studies which substantiate the fact that certain amino acids are effective in elevating growth hormone levels in humans and clinical studies which show the beneficial effects of maintaining proper levels of growth hormone in humans are available for educational use.

The reader should be aware of a clear distinction between recombinant HGH (manufactured growth hormone) and natural growth hormone produced by the body by means of amino acid ingestion. Some studies showing the beneficial effects of growth hormone therapy are done with recombinant manufactured HGH. No extrapolation should be made with respect to the beneficial effects produced by recombinant manufactured HGH as opposed to the beneficial effects of natural growth hormone produced by the body as a result of amino acid ingestion. The linked studies showing the effect of amino acids in elevation of growth hormone do not include an analysis of the health benefits associated with growth hormone, only the fact that certain amino acids elevate the body's natural growth hormone.

The information contained on this site is regulated by the FDA and we are precluded from describing any medical benefits derived from taking supplements. Any information provided on supplements and herbs sold on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and is solely based on medical research and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


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