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AMZ Camu-Camu Mega C Powder Rosado pink 3 oz

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Camu camu is a wild harvested plant from small lakes in the center of the Amazon jungle. The most sought after species of the plant, Myrciaria dubia, occurs abundantly in wild swamps along rivers and lakes in Amazonian Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela.

The wild jungle berry this fascinating plant produces contains the highest recorded source of vitamin C on the planet- a product we call Camu Camu Mega-C- yeilding about 30 times the C content than oranges or lemons and much higher than acerola fruit. The Camu-Camu fruit has a surprising range of medicinal and therapeutic effects as measured both by traditional use and a variety of phytochemical compounds which experimentally have demonstrated a multitude of effects including energy boosting, mood-lifting and strengthening the immune system, among others. It has documented astringent, antioxidant, emollient, and nutritive properties as well. . For more information click here.

Rosado pink Camu Camu powder is cold pressed Camu Camu juice spray dried on a maltodextrin base, 3 oz.

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