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Co-Q10 Antioxidant

  • Naturally present in human cells.*
  • Helps generate energy in the form of ATP.*
  • Liquid form In softgels for highest absorption.*
  • Provides natural support for cardiovascular health.*
  • Helps to minimize free radical damage to cells.*
  • Fuels most of the body's metabolic processes.*

Bell Co-Q10 Antioxidant is a vitamin-like substance that is produced by the human body. It is essential for the health of the cells, tissues and organs. Typically, this fat soluble nutrient decreases with age and may need to be supplemented for optimum health. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals that damage cells. It is particularly important for aerobic cellular respiration and is necessary for generating energy in the form of ATP. Being fat soluble helps Coenzyme Q10 move freely into cells, which is significant as it becomes an energy carrier.*

In addition, you will find that this nutritional supplement can support your metabolism and help your body cope with stress. Also, this mighty coenzyme is non-toxic and may support good heart health, stabilize blood sugar and is also important for healthy gums. As an added bonus, we’ve included vitamin A and vitamin E which makes it an amazing supplement for everyone.*

Ingredients: Co-Q10 (60mg), Vitamin E (50IU), Vitamin A (180IU), Soybean oil.

Take 2-4 capsules a day or as recommended by a health professional.

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